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     Established in 1928, McIntosh & Otis, Inc. is a full-service literary agency located in New York. M&O represents a broad range of adult and children’s fiction and non-fiction, including many bestsellers, literary icons, Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winners. In addition to representing the subsidiary rights for its own clients, M&O also represents the sale of subsidiary rights for Louisiana State University Press, University of Nebraska Press, and Rutgers University Press. M&O is committed to working with writers to develop their careers. Our agents are able to provide detailed and substantive guidance to our clients throughout the publication process. 

  • Elizabeth Winick Rubinstein


    ELIZABETH WINICK RUBINSTEIN, President and senior agent at McIntosh & Otis, has degrees from New York University and Manhattan School of Music. She began her book publishing career in subsidiary rights and then took on the responsibilities of acquisitions editor at a major audio publishing imprint. Initially, she joined McIntosh & Otis to manage all subsidiary rights but began working as an agent shortly thereafter. Her primary interests include literary fiction, women's fiction, historical fiction, romance, mystery/suspense, and memoir, along with narrative non-fiction, history and current affairs. Elizabeth represents numerous New York Times bestsellers, and both Agatha and Edgar Award winners and nominees.

  • Christa Heschke

    CHRISTA HESCHKE graduated from Binghamton University with a major in English and a minor in Anthropology. She started in publishing as an intern at both Writers House and Sterling Lord Literistic, where she fell in love with the agency side of publishing. Christa has been at McIntosh and Otis, Inc. in the Children's Literature Department since 2009 where she is actively acquiring for all age groups in children’s.

    For YA, she is especially interested in contemporary, thriller/mystery, fantasy and horror. She looks for a compelling voice and a strong hook that will set a YA novel apart in the flooded market. She is open to all types of middle grade and especially enjoys adventure, mystery, and magical realism. For both YA and MG, she is interested in unique settings and cultural influences, interesting structure, complicated romances, diverse characters, sister or friendship-centric stories, and stories that feature artists of any kind. In picture books she is drawn to cute, funny stories (as opposed to sweet and quiet) that will grab kids as well as the occasional nonfiction biography on a subject whose story has yet to be told.

    Christa is not looking for any Adult fiction or non-fiction, paranormal or dystopian at this time.

  • Adam Muhlig

    Adam Muhlig

    ADAM MUHLIG is the latest addition to M&O. As an agent, Adam’s current interests include popular culture, natural history, travel and adventure, and sports. Adam is pursuing books that offer fresh a perspective or new analysis by or about mavericks in these fields. Keeping with McIntosh and Otis’ great tradition, he is seeking works that will have classic value and long-term strength like the volumes of so many authors represented by M&O.  His editorial work includes research, organization and indexing of Karl Shapiro’s provocative essay collection Creative Glut: Selected Essays. He also assisted Alan Tennant on his now classic On the Wing a New York Times bestseller. As an archival appraiser for more than fifteen years Adam Muhlig has worked on collections by many noted musicians and entertainment industry figures, naturalists, historians, and poets and writers, including several United States Poets Laureate and Pulitzer Prize winners.

  • Eugene Winick


    EUGENE H. (GENE) WINICK, CEO of McIntosh & Otis, Inc., is a copyright lawyer and literary agent. He is noted for the ground-breaking contracts he has negotiated for his author clients. Gene represents the estates of several of the most distinguished authors of the twentieth century.

    Gene is not currently accepting submissions.

  • Junior Agents & Staff

    SHANNON POWERS is a graduate of New York University. She began her career in publishing at McIntosh and Otis as an intern in 2011, and then went on to intern at The Book Report Network and W.W. Norton & Company. She has also worked as a bookseller. She returned to M&O in 2014, where hs is looking to build her own list as a junior agent.

    Shannon is interested in representing middle grade, YA, and select adult titles. Above all, she looks for projects with a strong hook, smart plotting, and an addictive voice. She loves projects with a darker edge but is also open to lighter projects. For adult, her reading interests include literary fiction, mystery/thriller, and nonfiction (pop history, DIY, pop culture). In YA and MG, she is searching for mysteries, projects with romantic elements (whether fun or angsty), horror, light sci-fi or fantasy, and contemporary and historical with a unique premise.
    *Please note that as of 1/6/2017 Shannon is currently CLOSED to queries*
    Twitter: @S_E_Powers / Blog: Spine & Page 

    AMELIA APPEL is a graduate of Hamilton College. Prior to joining the McIntosh & Otis team, Amelia interned at HSG Agency and Writers House, where she was later an assistant. She joined M&O in 2014 as Elizabeth Winick Rubinstein's assistant and is currently seeking to build her own list as a junior agent.

    Amelia is looking to represent primarily adult fiction with some YA. For adult, she is most interested in literary fiction, mystery, thriller, historical fiction, science fiction and fantasy, and horror.  Projects with a smart, distinct voice, a fantastic setting to jump into, and/or a witty protagonist are all up her alley. For YA in particular she’s interested in stories with a savvy protagonist and a slightly dark tone that deals with serious coming-of-age issues well. Twitter: @AmeliaLAppel

    ALECIA DOUGLAS has over 16 years’ experience handling royalties for McIntosh & Otis’ clients.  She began on the agency side of publishing at M&O in 1997, before working for Hachette in Boston and Macmillan in New York. Alecia returned to M&O as Office and Royalty Manager in 2003.  In her free time, Alecia is an avid reader of romance and sci-fi/fantasy novels.