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Happy Book Birthday Sasquatch, Love and Other Imaginary Things!

Betsy Aldredge and Carrie Dubois-Shaw’s debut contemporary YA Sasquatch, Love and Other Imaginary Things pubs today!

Pride and Prejudice meets Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot in this humorous and heartfelt debut about a loving, quirky family on the hunt for the mythical Sasquatch.

Hunting for monsters was never so awkward. 

It’s bad enough that Samantha’s parents, charter members of the Northern Ohio Bigfoot Society, have dragged their daughter around forever, hunting for yetis. But now they’re doing it on national TV, and worse, in front of an aristocratic prep-school crew including a boy who disdains Samantha’s family.

But when he scorns her humble Ohio roots, she becomes determined to take him down. As they go to war, their friction and attraction almost distract them from the hint that Sasquatch may actually be out there somewhere…


Samantha’s first-person narration is marked by her sarcastic, wry, and delightfully snarky humor. ‘Squatching’ doesn’t get any funnier than this.” Kirkus

“The most hilarious, charming, feminist Sasquatch-hunting book ever to grace a bookshelf.” –Alison Cherry, author of For Real

“I fell head over Bigfooted heels for this delightfully quirky and downright hilarious debut! Sasquatch, Love, And Other Imaginary Things will have you believing in adorkably ever afters and more.” –Darcy Woods, award-winning author of Summer of Supernovas

“Everything you want in a Jane Austen retelling: reality TV, Sasquatch sightings, and young love at odds.”– Stephanie Scott, author of Alterations, a 2017 RITA® Award Finalist

“An original, magnetic, and endearing debut seamlessly spun by two sharp new voices. Fans of nature, Austen, family, reality TV and Wood Apes will devour this story (that basically means everyone. Yes, I mean you. Stop reading my raving–get to reading this book already).” –Lindsey Leavitt, author of GOING VINTAGE

You can buy Sasquatch from these retailers: Indie BoundBarnes & NobleAmazon, Target and Simon & Schuster.

You can visit Betsy and Carrie’s website and follow them on Twitter: @carriedubois @BetsyAldredge