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Release Days Coming Up!

Today is release day for book #2 in Jane Peden’s “Miami Lawyers” series, THE MILLIONAIRE’S CONVENIENT ARRANGEMENT (Mr. Media Books – November 2016)!

Her worst enemy is the one man she can’t resist.

Maria Martinez thought it was a dream come true when Ritchie Perez – a sweet and sexy guy she met volunteering at a soup kitchen – took her delinquent little brother Joey under his wing. But her dream becomes a nightmare when she discovers Ritchie is the same man who put her twin brother Tito in prison for 10 years. Now Joey’s in trouble, and Ritchie’s been appointed his temporary guardian. He’ll be moving into Ritchie’s luxurious waterfront Miami home – unless he’d prefer a juvenile detention facility.

And if Maria wants to be with him, she’ll be moving in too.

Now a hugely successful attorney in private practice, Ritchie made his reputation as a tough prosecutor who didn’t make deals with drug dealers and gang members. But that history comes back to haunt him when the woman he’s falling for believes he’s responsible for convicting an innocent man, and destroying her family. Ritchie wants to stop Joey from making the same mistakes his brother did. And he wants Maria in his bed. But as desire heats their blood, will the past reach out and destroy their future?

We’re looking forward to the release of several other excellent novels over the next couple months, so be sure to keep an eye out for these as well!

  • Erin Nicholas’s COMPLETELY YOURS (Hachette – December 2016), the first book in her “Opposites Attract” series
  • Nancy Star’s beautiful debut, SISTERS ONE, TWO, THREE (Lake Union Publishing – January 2017)
  • Abby Fabiaschi’s emotional debut, I LIKED MY LIFE (St. Martin’s Press – January 2017)