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SISTERS ONE, TWO, THREE is a Kindle First Pick!

Nancy Star’s beautiful debut, SISTERS ONE, TWO, THREE (Lake Union Publishing – January 2017), is a Kindle First pick for December!  Kindle First members can buy the Kindle edition right now for only $1.99.

Here’s what Jodi Warshaw, the editor, has to say about Star’s novel:

“When I was growing up, my parents’ most common refrain was, “Go outside.” Which really meant, “Leave us alone for heaven’s sake.” Their child-rearing philosophy could easily be called benign neglect. This sort of parenting wasn’t uncommon in the freewheeling “me” decade, otherwise known as the 1970s, and I immediately recognized it in Sisters One, Two, Three—it’s what pulled me right into the heart of the book.

When we first meet the Tangle family, we see four children left to their own devices. Their father is a sweet, well-meaning man, but it’s Glory, their unpredictable mother, who spins at the family’s center. She’s imperious, bossy, a bit dotty, and truly one of the most aggravating, yet forgivable, characters I’ve ever met. Glory is completely preoccupied with dreams of someday becoming a famous actress, and it’s this self-absorption that sets in motion a terrible tragedy.

The sisters spend the next four decades trying to make sense of the circumstances surrounding the tragedy. Meanwhile, Glory tries to make up for what happened without ever admitting any wrongdoing. Secrets, denial, and forgiveness intertwine, begging the questions: What happens if you hold on to your children too tightly? And what happens if you loosen that hold too soon?”

You can order SISTERS ONE, TWO, THREE here!