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M&O Book Spine Poetry

As an agency that has been around for a pretty long time (87 years!), it’s safe to say that we’ve had many books published.  It’s also safe to say that a good number of those books continue to keep our office cozy… when we’re not tripping over new arrivals.  In honor of the ubiquity of our lovely titles (and some other faves from our shelves), we’ve put together some book spine poems from around the office.



“Gossip” by Shannon

Poem 1













“Epic Love Story about Two Epic People” by Shannon

Poem 2


“Bad Boy” by Shannon

Poem 3


“Plot Twist” by Amelia

Poem 4


“Guilty” by Amelia

Poem 5


“The Other Garden” by Amelia

Poem 6


“Overconfident” by Amelia

Poem 7


“Move Along, Cowboy” by Alecia

Poem 8