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Rainy Day Reads!

It’s been a drizzly couple of days in NYC, so for this week’s blog we thought we’d put together a list of our favorite rainy day reads! Check it out below:


Alecia: THE SECRET by Julie Garwood
Julie Garwood’s THE SECRET is one of my favorites that I have read more than ten times.  The story touches upon friendships that endure even though society says that you must hate each other.  I love the idea of personal growth happening in old age that defies the saying “S/he’s too old to change.” And finally, I love that this book looks beyond the exterior. It makes this story a go to on a rainy day.


Amy: FIRST TEST by  Tamora Pierce
I’ve used many a rainy day as an excuse to dive back into Tamora Pierce’s Tortall.  FIRST TEST is book one of my favorite quartet, following Keladry of Mindelan in her pursuit of the first openly-declared lady knighthood.  Kel’s bold adventures, ranging from standing up to bullies to battling Spidren, are always the perfect pick-me-up!


19 - sabriel

Christa: SABRIEL by Garth Nix
I read Sabriel as a teenager and it cemented my already growing love for fantasy! Garth Nix created such a unique world with necromancers and Sabriel is a tough heroine. My favorite character has to be the white cat/Free Magic Spirit Mogget…so much, so I plan to name a cat of my own Mogget at some point!


THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH is a perfect rainy day read for me.  Milo’s exploits throughout the Kingdom of Wisom on his quest to rescue Princess Rhyme and Princess Reason are a fun escape, and I’m sure Tock and Louie would have gotten along famously ;)


The Perks Of Being A Wall Flower is one of my favorite books to curl up with on a rainy day.  This book is one of the best coming of age stories I’ve ever read. It’s moody and heart wrenching, but ultimately about all the good things in life, music, books, friends, the meaning of family, and what it truly means to feel free.  Most of all it’s about the struggle to overcome the parts of ourselves that we may not even remember or understand. I once spent a summer reading Charlie’s reading list, though I have to say that I never got all the way through NAKED LUNCH.  “Be a filter not a sponge” is still advise I think about daily, especially in reference to Ayn Rand.  So when I want something a little melancholy that still has a really feel good uplifting vibe about it this little book is the first one I reach for.


Shannon: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS by H.G. Bissinger
Fans of the movie and TV show will find the real life Panthers in Bissinger’s book on the competitive world of Texas high school football that started it all. The small town girl in me loves to return to that world on a rainy day. What is most impressive is that Bissinger captures the emotion, glory, and pain of high school football while still keeping his critical journalistic eye. In the end, he winds up asking that eternal question – is it all worth it? Just what nonfiction should be and an important must-read for athletes, fans, and non-sport folks alike!