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Celebrating the release of ANNE FRANK: THE GIRL HEARD AROUND THE WORLD by Linda Elovtiz Marshall!

Linda Elovitz Marshall, prolific McIntosh & Otis picture book author, released her latest biography with Scholastic today! It’s called ANNE FRANK: THE GIRL HEARD AROUND THE WORLD, and it came out to nice reviews!

This evocative and accessible picture book lets young readers experience how Anne Frank found her voice in a world determined to silence her.

All her life, Anne Frank wanted to be heard.
Really, truly heard.

Linda Elovitz Marshall introduces readers to the story of Anne Frank in this powerful book about family, war, and the importance of finding your voice.

During her two years in hiding from the Nazis, Anne Frank poured her soul into a red plaid diary named Kitty. She wrote honestly of the reality of Nazi occupation, of daily life in the annex, and of her longing to be heard. More than anything, Anne spoke the truth, and her words have echoed throughout history.

Gorgeous prose and striking art deliver Anne’s ever-relevant story with poignancy and grace, while robust back matter — including biographical information, an author’s note, and a timeline — makes this the perfect book for history curriculums.



“This brief biography makes Frank’s writing an effective introductory focus for young readers.” ―Kirkus


You don’t want to miss this educational, inspirational book! Get your copy from these retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Scholastic Teachers Store, or your local indie!

You can also go to Linda’s website for more information on her and her books. Visit her on Twitter, too!