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Happy Book Birthday To WHEN PB MET J By Katelyn Aronson!

We’re so excited that Katelyn Aronson’s newest picture book, WHEN PB MET J, is out today with Penguin Random House/Viking! This spin on West Side Story for the picture book crowd is sure to become an instant favorite.



The best friendship since sliced bread!

Once upon a kitchen, the Fridgers chilled on one side.
The Cupboard Crew loafed about on the other.

The kitchen may look like a peaceful place, but there was never more division than between the Fridgers and the Cupboard Crew. The Fridgers could be a little too cool. The Cupboard Crew—well, they often got stale. It was clear that the two should never mix. But that was until Peanut Butter (PB, for short) met Jelly. When Jelly finds herself in a sticky situation, it’s Peanut Butter to the rescue. And the result is the best friendship since sliced bread.

When PB Met J is the deliciously funny origin story of every child’s favorite lunch. Readers will cheer that these sweet and salty characters should always stick together.



“A friendship story with a heaping helping of puns.”  Kirkus

This treat of a picture book blends West Side Story with the domestic perspective of Toy Story, serving up a satisfying helping of kitchen-based humor for the pun enthusiast.”  BCCB



Katelyn Aronson is the author of Piglette, Piglette’s Perfect Surprise, Clovis Keeps His Cool, and Poo-Dunit?, with more to come! She worked as a children’s bookseller in California until she was called abroad to Europe. She now teaches in Switzerland and lives in France, where no one eats peanut butter except for her.


Congratulations on this delicious and delightful tale, Katelyn! Visit Katelyn on Twitter and Instagram, and go get your copy of WHEN PB MET J from your local indie or these retailers: Penguin Random House, Bookshop.org, Barnes & Noble, Target.